24 janeiro 2008


Barak Obama, de ascendência queniana e candidato à presidência dos Estados Unidos, escreveu um apelo aos cidadãos do Quénia. Vale a pena ler.
"I have been deeply troubled by the recent events in Kenya. The ongoing political impasse and the tragic violence pose an urgent and dangerous threat to Kenyans, Kenyan democracy, and stability and economic development in a vital region. Urgent action must be taken to prevent a further deterioration of the situation and to help resolve the current political crisis...
Clearly, Kenya has reached a defining moment. It is up to Kenyan leaders and the Kenyan population to turn away from the path of bloodshed, division, and repression, and to turn towards reconciliation, negotiation, and renewed commitment to democratic governance... The frustrations felt by so many Kenyans are understandable. There is no doubt that much more remains to be done for Kenya to become a more equitable and democratic society. But Kenya has come too far to throw away decades of progress in a storm of violence."
A carta pode ser lida na íntegra aqui.

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