16 fevereiro 2008


O Expresso de hoje tem um artigo muito intessante sobre José Luís Peixoto, uma das vozes mais originais da literatura portuguesa contemporânea. A internacionalização da escrita de Peixoto continua a bom ritmo, assim como demonstra esta crítica do jornal The Independent, que termina assim:
"Voices are echoed in other voices, and the dialogue pulses along within it all, undifferentiated. The storytelling role passes between an external narrator and first-person characters and back again; the narrator's own wise words are picked up later and repeated by the characters, as though these portentous lines, these profound thoughts, are out there, abstracted from their lives, just humming in the air, like great discovered truths...
That even these weighty lines are moving and thought-provoking, rather than (as well might have been) tiresomely over-zealous or pretentious, is further testament to the author's considerable skills."

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